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HydroPro was established in 1997 to help advance hydraulic expansion technology, and take it from the undeveloped process that it was, and make sure it would reach its full potential. Three individuals with extensive industry experience elected to start the small company with a single focus, hydraulic tube expansion.


These individuals knew that hydraulic expansion was without a doubt the best way to expand tube-to-tubesheet joints in heat exchangers, but the current companies making this technology were completely out of touch with what fabricators needed for it to be a successful process. Until that time, the primary challenge when using hydraulic expansion was a lack of consistency and reliability of the process. HydroPro corrected both issues with their patented dual Cam/Segment Assembly design and their direct pressure output power supply.

Fast-forward 20 years later and the fact that HydroPro has stayed true to the original plan of improving on the technology has ensured fabricators in more than 30 countries can reliably use their equipment and tooling daily in production situations. They’ve also developed advanced solutions for on-site exchanger repair that are utilized by companies in nearly every industrial industry, including retubing, sleeving, and plugging.

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