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HydroPlug - Engineered Plug Solutions

The HydroPlug is a revolutionary, engineered tube plug offering a permanent plugging solution trusted by the world’s top nuclear, gas, and military operations. 

In addition to size and material, HydroPlugs can be customized in length and configurations as well. Shown above is a Stainless Steel plug for a food grade unit, complete with a “cap” to ensure contaminants aren’t able to build up inside the plug.  Because HydroPlugs are engineered for each application, they can designed to be welded into place for added piece of mind.

The Power Supplies

Like the plugs themselves, HydroPlug Power Supplies come in multiple configurations to meet the needs of the client.  The units can be built into one of our standard chassis’ or into a watertight case system for ultimate portability.  Units can also be digital or pneumatic, single pump or double, and with max pressure outputs equivalent to our HydroPro Power Supplies.

HPlug Case-October 22, 2015-008.png
HPlug Case Closed-October 22, 2015-009.p

HydroPlug - Case System


HydroPlug - Standard Chassis

HPlug Shipboard System-2016-September-21

HydroPlug - Custom Chassis

for Shipboard use


HydroPlugs are engineered for each individual application and come in virtually any material and size imaginable.  Whether for CuNi tubes in an oil cooler, AL6XN tubes in cryogenic service, or Duplex stainless in a refinery, HydroPlugs are designed to be a permanent solution.


The Plugs

How it Works

HydroPlugs utilize HydroPro’s Proven Hydraulic Expansion Technology to hydro-form the plug into the leaking tube, or even directly into the tube hole.  Using water ensures the plug intimately forms to the tube, regardless of ovality or variances in tube IDs. 

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