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In-House Services

  • Application Evaluation

  • Prototype Expansion

  • Mock-up testing

  • Equipment Repair

  • Product Development

  • Hydraulic Tube Expansion

HydroPro offers in-house services such as mock-up evaluation, product development, and prototyping to ensure your applications go as smoothly as possible. 


We also offer in-house expansion for smaller scale heat exchangers and non-standard applications that do not require an overhead crane. Our shop environment allows for work on exotic materials without fear of contamination.


Field Services

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  • Hydraulic Tube Expansion

  • Sleeving / Lining

  • Plugging (HydroPlug)

  • Air Heater Tube Repair

  • On-Site Training / Support

  • Retube Support

  • Tube Removal *

  • Tube Cleaning *

Traditionally HydroPro has been primarily an OEM manufacturer of HydroPro branded products. Over the years, as with many companies, the climate has changed and HydroPro has evolved to include a Service Team. This team is frequently involved with tube-to-tubesheet and tube-to-fin expansion in new fabrication of heat exchangers and similar vessels, as well as on-site sleeving, plugging, lining, and tube expansion in process facilities around the world as both primary and support labor.


Our goal is to be as flexible as possible in order to meet the needs of our customers when they need us and how they need us. Whether it's a simple support role, or to complete a large scale liner installation, HydroPro has a service option for every application. 

* Tube Removal and Cleaning are not available as a stand-alone service and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.   

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