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Fastool Tooling

Fastool is a revolutionary tool design that, depending on the application, can be used with either our SleevePro, HydroPro, or our standalone Fastool system.

The Tooling

Fastool tooling utilizes an elastic sleeve which encases the water during expansion and requires less than half the consumables of our standard tooling. The fluid actuates the expansion sleeve, allowing greater tube expansion without the need to pre-seal against the tube ID. This means that retube applications need not have as tight of ID tolerances, and without losing the ability to expand into ovular tube holes.


HydroPro's Fastool offers several benefits, even when compared to our proven Standard Tooling.

• 85% Fewer Components
• Easier Tool Insertion / Removal for Faster           Production (No Lubricant Required)
• Easily Expand Thin Tubesheets
• Increased time between needing to change         consumables
• Same Repeatable Expansion Results as with         Standard Tooling
• Water is Contained (No water left in the unit       following expansion)
• Fits Standard HydroPro Mandrel Adapters
• Simple to change consumables
• Made in the USA (Like all HydroPro Products)

The Fastool Power Supply comes standard in a compact open frame chassis and is available in multiple configurations including single or double pump, digital or pneumatic, standard chassis or case system, pressure capabilities up to 55,000psi and several other configurations to meet your specific needs.  Depending on the specific requirements, it can also be used with HydroPro or HydroPlug tooling.  


Standard Chassis


Custom Chassis for Manway Access

The Power Supply

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