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TubePro / WeldLock Tube Setting Solutions

The TubePro and WeldLock systems were developed to combat common issues with tube end preparation. Too often, tube ends are set in the bottom of the tube hole during welding, or have variances in protrusion. The TubePro and WeldLock tools will correct both of these issues. 

Both the TubePro and WeldLock power supplies are closed loop hydraulic system that are fully pneumatic for simple operation. Both come in compact steel frame chassis’ and gun assemblies come standard with a 20’ umbilical.


The TubePro system is ideal for setting tubes prior to final tube expansion and is especially effective on U-tubes or units with exotic materials to ensure consistent protrusion, that tubes are centered in the hole, and that they’re securely locked into the tubesheet. 

The TubePro is commonly used prior to welding or brazing in many operations, as it creates 360° contact between the tube and tubesheet. 


The WeldLock system was developed specifically for use prior to automated orbital welding and works great for locking tubes prior to manual welding or final tube expansion. Utilizing a metal segmented expander, the WeldLock tool leaves small gaps for weld gasses to escape, preventing blow back often experienced when using automated welders after tubes have been “tack rolled”. By centering the tube in the hole and creating consistent protrusions it helps to ensure overall weld quality across the entire unit, regardless of whether welding is manual or automated. WeldLock tooling doesn’t require lubrication either, ensuring a clean joint for welding. 

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TubePro Power Supply


WeldLock Power Supply

The Systems

The Tooling

The TubePro and WeldLock Power Supplies are virtually the same, with only a change in the gun assembly, depending on which tool is used and the tool size required. The tooling is where the differences become apparent. 


TubePro Tooling

TubePro tooling utilizes polyurethane expanders that grow radially and force the tube into intimate contact with the tubesheet. This results in 360° of contact between the tube and tubesheet. Depending on the specific application, segmented rings may be used for additional support and to help increase parts life. 


WeldLock Tooling

WeldLock tooling was originally developed for use prior to automated orbital welding. Many fabricators find that simply "tack" rolling a tube can cause issues from lubrication used, uneven protrusions, or blow-back from the weld process itself. Often the required cleaning and tube protrusion issues eliminate this as a feasible end prep process.


WeldLock tooling eliminates these issues by centering the tube, leaving gaps for weld gasses to escape, and sets consistent protrusions across the unit.   

How it Works

The WeldLock Tube Setting System uses a closed loop hydraulic system to actuate a mechanical tool that is the preferred method of setting tube-to-tubesheet joints prior to orbital welding.

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