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HydroPro Standard Tooling

The most trusted hydraulic expansion tooling in the world, HydroPro Standard Tooling is used in fabricating process equipment for the world's top chemical, gas, nuclear, military, and power generation industries. See How it Works Here! 

  • Expansion of a wider tube ID variation 

  • Fast and easy band and segment replacement increases efficiency and ease of use.

  • No limitations on tube size, tube material, or maximum tubesheet thickness


HydroPro's Standard Tooling offers the ability to expand tubes at extremely high pressures, across a huge range of sizes. To date HydroPro has manufactured tooling for applications having a 4mm ID up to a 203mm ID. 

The secret? Our proprietary dual cam/segment assembly. During expansion, the segments remain parallel to the axis of the tube, minimizing bending stress. The result is greater strength, longer life, less leakage, and reduced tube marking when compared to competitive products. The segment assemblies act to hold the mandrel in the center of the tube, and support the sealing components of the tool, allowing for sustained high pressure expansion.  Watch How it Works here!

The Tooling

HydroPro's patented dual cam and segment design ensures repeatable, high pressure expansion making the HydroPro Standard Tooling ideal for most tube-to-tubesheet joint applications. Regardless of tube material, tube size, or tubesheet thickness. 


Static / Disengaged Condition

When in a relaxed (static) state, the cams fit snugly against the segment assemblies. Since there is no force applied, the segments remain firmly in place.


Loaded / Engaged Condition

Once hydraulic pressure is applied to the mandrel, the inner cams are forced toward the outer by the Back-up and O-ring. As the cams move, the individual segments are forced symmetrically outward, held together by the band. 


Fully Engaged

When under pressure, the segments open to contact with the tube ID. This ensures the tool is maintained in the  axial center of the tube and thereby prevents "side-loading" of the tool. Side loading occurs when the tool isn't maintained in the axial center of the tube, allowing a higher volume of water on a particular side of the tool and resulting in loss of seal.

The Segments


How it Works

How it Works

HydroPro Hydraulic Expansion Technology works by hydro-forming the tube from the inside out. Using water ensures the tube intimately forms to the tubesheet hole, regardless of ovality or variances between holes. 

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