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BoilerPro Tube Setting Solutions

The BoilerPro System was originally developed for use steam drum / mud drum boilers, where the tight space and curved sheet wreak havoc on operators during the mechanical rolling process.  BoilerPro tooling can be used to create a low pressure seal while creating a physically tight joint without the rotational forces experienced during the rolling process, reducing fatigue and eliminating injury to operators.  The system has evolved over the years and is now used in a variety of applications across multiple industries.

The BoilerPro power supplies is a closed loop hydraulic system that is fully pneumatic for simple operation. It comes in compact steel frame chassis’ and gun assemblies come standard with a 20’ umbilical. 


The BoilerPro system is ideal for setting tubes prior to final tube expansion or welding, or for final expansion in low pressure applications such as air heaters.

Gun Assembly

BoilerPro gun assemblies come in varying sizes and configurations depending on tube size and application.  Guns can also be made in compact “pancake” style guns for close quarters.  Most are aluminum bodied for weight savings and can be mounted on balancers for ease of use in production environments.


TubePro Power Supply

Manual Photos-0023-(01-08-2014).gif

WeldLock Power Supply

The System

The Tooling

The BoilerPro System is truly that, a System.  With multiple gun assemblies to account for varying sizes, and an infinite number of tool configurations, the BoilerPro System can be used for many different applications ranging from Mud Drum / Steam Drum units, Shell & Tube bundles, Air Heaters, and other unique applications with large tubes. 

BoilerPro Tooling-2015-March-13-26.gif

BoilerPro Tooling with Flare Segment for Drum

Tooling for Your Requirements

BoilerPro tooling comes in as many different shapes, sizes, and configurations as the units it’s used in. Tooling can be configured with polyurethane expanders like TubePro tooling or expanding segment assemblies like WeldLock tooling.  It can be designed to create a tube entry flare or a rear bell/bulge.  It can be used inside a curved drum or for partial tube replacements in an air heater.

BoilerPro tooling has been utilized for applications in steel mills, energy production, corn processing, and beer brewing, adding to HydroPro’s versatile lineup of tooling options.

A2 Engaged.gif
Bell Socket Series.gif

BoilerPro Tooling for Flat Tubesheet

BoilerPro Tooling for Bell & Socket

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