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HydroPro Expansion Systems

Featuring the most advanced hydraulic expansion technology in the world, HydroPro systems are designed with both simplicity and reliability in mind. Featuring direct pressure output, air-over-hydraulic drive pumps, and HydroPro systems don't rely on 3 phase power, heavy intensifier units, lubrication, or complicated plumbing. 

HydroPro offers two primary variations of their hydraulic expansion systems, the HPX series and the JR Series. Both offer the same reliable direct pressure output and high pressure capabilities to meet the needs of any heat exchanger manufacturer.  

HPX 6050

HydroPro’s HPX 6050 utilizes many advanced features that make it ideal for use with any expansion application. Full enclosure panels offer quiet operation, with all of the system components protected from outside contaminants often found in fabrication facilities. Other features include an H2O level indicator, a standard 62,000psi max operating pressure (with 72,500psi max available on the HPX 6070), LED status indicators, Digital pressure readout, 44” tall chassis, 3-gallon reservoir, industrial wheels, data output via USB, 1/2% accuracy of scale, and a direct pressure pump (no need for an intensifier).

HPX 7000

The HPX 7000 System is HydroPro's nuclear grade expansion system. It includes all of the same features as the HPX 6050 along with full material traceability, membrane switch controls, and multiple available options often required in Nuclear fabrication or other high documentation applications. Additional options include system controlled multi-stage expansion, gun mounted transducer, and operation via touchscreen tablet. The system is also available with ultra-high pressure output of 72,500 psi with the HPX 7070 model.

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HPX 6050


HPX 7000


The HydroPro JR-7 hydraulic expansion system offers users the most versatile tube expansion system in the world, with a 58,000 psi output in a lightweight, open frame package. The system features a digital pressure readout, LED cycle indicators, sturdy steel frame construction, electronic gun, and industrial casters, this system has become the workhorse for top heat exchanger manufacturers around the world. The JR-7 is currently used in more than 30 countries for day-to-day tube expansion needs.


The Systems

** All HydroPro Hydraulic Expansion Systems come standard with digital operation and readout. As an alternative option, systems are available using fully pneumatic operation. 

HydroPro JR-7.png


HydroPro's patented dual cam and segment design ensures repeatable, high pressure expansion making the HydroPro Standard Tooling ideal for most tube-to-tubesheet joint applications. Regardless of tube material, tube size, or tubesheet thickness. 


Process Indicator Lights

The systems' process indicator lights track the entire expansion process in real time. Showing the operator when the system has achieved the expansion pressure and dwell time.


The systems include several fail-safes to ensure safe operation, long system/tooling life, and to prevent damage to the client's unit during expansion. These include:

  • Automatic shutdown in case the pressure goes above the high pressure limit set by the operator.

  • Automatic shutdown in case the pressure drops below the low pressure limit set by the operator

  • LoH2O shutdown, prevent system operation if water reservoir drops too low

  • Gun Mounted LED Indicator Lights to notify the operator of a successful expansion

  • System over-pressurization burst disk to prevent damage to system components

  • External sheathing around high pressure flex-line between system and gun

Easy System Adjustment / Operation

The systems include easy-to-use manual pressure adjustments, and simple to operate switches for setting upper/lower pressure limits and dwell time. 

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HPX 6050-2018-November-27-005.png

How it Works

HydroPro Hydraulic Expansion Technology works by hydro-forming the tube from the inside out. Using water ensures the tube intimately forms to the tubesheet hole, regardless of ovality or variances between holes. 

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